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Part 1

Define Why You are….YOU!

The goal of this course is to get you from zero to $100 a day as quickly as possible.

The easiest way to do this is to use skills or experiences you ALREADY have.

The first thing you need to do is to make a list.

This list should be broken down into 6 sections.

→ Natural Abilities
→ Learned Skills
→ Hobbies
→ Weaknesses
→ Life Experiences
→ Medical Issues

You can make this list on a piece of paper, your phone or a computer.

Before you start though I want you to take the following quote and sear it into your brain.

“work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” – Parkinson’s Law

To put it simply, your brain will procrastinate until it feels the time is almost up.

This means if you don’t set yourself a time limit to complete something, you will either never start OR you will constantly feel the need to improve it thereby never “completing” what you set out to do.

Everything you do should have a time limit to trick your brain into working smarter and faster.

Every task I will set you during this training will come with a time limit.

You will most likely want to take MORE time for most of these tasks; RESIST THIS URGE!

Money flows towards action, NOT perfection.

Let’s jump into it…

Natural Abilities

Set a 5 minute timer and write down everything you NATURALLY do better then others (God given talents if you will).

Do NOT write down any skills that you have had training for, those go in the next section

Are you a fast runner? Can you make people laugh easily? Are you tall? Do animals like you better then other people? Are you a natural leader? Do people trust you more then others? Etc

A word of caution: Make sure to check this list with other people to make sure these are really things you are good at and NOT just things you THINK you are good at. You would be shocked at how many people THINK they are good at something when in fact they are average (Thanks for that Mom!).

Learned Skills

Set a 5 minute timer and write down any training or courses you have taken.

One on one instruction (like piano), classroom courses (like high school and college), online video courses (like YouTube or Udemy), instructions books you have read (from the Library), etc

You do not have to be a expert in what you learned, just the fact that you took a class, read a book or watched a video about something puts you far ahead of others in that specific area.

Set a 5 minute timer and write down any hobbies you enjoy doing.

Do you love playing video games? Love gardening? Hit the gym every day? Have more cats than you can count? Have a hat in every color and style? Know more about brewing coffee than Starbucks? Love taking care of babies? etc

Even if you are not “good” at a hobby or have not taken official training on it, write it down anyway.
Set a 5 minute timer and write down any weaknesses you may have.

Are you extremely OCD? Do you have to wait until the very last second to do everything because your brain hates you? Do you get easily depressed? Do you get taken advantage of easily? Can you never stop eating carbs? etc

This can be a tough one because no one likes to admit to having a weakness, ESPECIALLY to themselves.

However I and many others have made a TON of money by teaching others how to fix weaknesses so don’t skip this.

Life Experiences
Set a 5 minute timer and write down all the major life experiences that you have gone through.

Have you had a kid(s)? Have you had kid(s) at a young/old age? Have you rented a home? Have you bought a home? Have you been homeless? Have you been through a divorce? Did your parents divorce when you were a child? Have you been in a car accident? Have you ever tried to commit suicide? Do you know someone close to you that attempted to or did commit suicide? Have you lived in the snow? Have you lived in extreme heat or extreme cold? Have you raised a dog or cat?  What about rodents? etc

Just like with weaknesses, life experiences especially negative life experiences are extremely valuable to people going through them.

I know this section can be tough but I promise you that not only can you make a nice profit, you can also positively influence a lot of people dealing with similar situations.

Medical Issues
Set a 5 minute timer and write down any and all medical issues you have experienced (or are experiencing).

Did you have or have had acne? Have you ever broken a bone? Did you have or still have allergies? Do you have a skin condition? Do you suffer with hair loss? Can you gas clear a room? Do you have IBS? etc

Just like with weaknesses and life experiences, medical issue knowledge can be extremely valuable to the right people.

Annnnnnd just like that, YOU are DONE with Part 1!

You should now have a pretty large list of subjects you might be able to help others with (and in exchange make a profit).

The next step is we have to go through your list and identify which ones are worth your time!

Click the button below to continue to the next step.

BONUS TIP: After you spend 5 minutes writing down any and all skills, abilities, talents and hobbies, go find at least 3 different people and ask them what they think you do REALLY WELL.  Add everything they say to the list you created.

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