If you’ve ventured this far, I’m impressed. 

So impressed that I’m going to give you a secret link to my super-secret-yet-not-really blog of random Gabe thoughts that I call Super Human Minimalist (or as the cool kids call it SUPERhuMIN).

NOTE: if you are looking to partner with me to help grow your company or expand your influence, this blog isn’t for you.  See the above information to apply or join my wait list.

I created SUPERhuMIN to record my various tests/thoughts, primarily related to business and personal development. 

The content is mixed and will vary depending on what I am studying/testing/being asked about at the time (some interviews with unique individuals other than my multiple personalities will be dropped from time to time as well).

Occasionally I may even randomly write/record videos about persuasion, psychology and how to change hearts and minds.

Consider yourself warned before clicking the button below.