30 Day Action Plan for

Jen Fuller


1) Increase revenue to $500,000/year | $41,000/month | $10,000/week (334 students/year) (28 students/month) (at $1,500 per student)

2) Add 30 Students per month or 8 students per week (at a conservative 10% conversion rate = advertising must reach 300+ qualified prospects per month / 75 per week / 11 per day)

Fun fact: 1.3 million students took the ACT in 2022.  334 students ($500,000 a year) is 0.02% of that 1.3 million.

Assuming a conservative 10% conversion rate on targeted advertising, we need to reach JUST 3340 prospective ACT students.

That’s just 0.2% of 1.3 million.

My goal is simple. 

Create 1 extremely irresistible offer that is easy for you to fulfill and then get that offer in front of 0.2% of people who are going to take the ACT this year.

At that point you just rinse and repeat.

Complicated businesses fail.

Successful businesses get insanely good at doing 1 thing and do that 1 thing every….single…..day.

Step 1: Fast Cash Infusion

After our initial call, I believe the fastest method to put money in your bank account is to use your your email list.

I will write a sales email and send it to your email list to get new students.

A small bribe will be offered to incentivize people to refer your services (see demo email below).

The bribe can be tweaked before sending but after testing with my previous clients, Starbucks cards always convert the highest.

For the email, I suggest the offer be either…

1) pre-selling tutoring hours (flash sale type of deal)


2) a “boot camp” style two-day tutoring blast strategy session.

The goal is to bring in at least 20 students with a value of at least $1k dollars WITH THE LEAST amount of effort possible.

If we go for the ACT Strategy Blast type boot camp I suggest something along the lines of a 2-day in person tutoring class for $997 per student (3-4 hours per day, 6-8 hours total).

Obviously, this is just a rough draft but the goal is to get students through the door and cash into your business as quickly as possible with as little work as possible.

Below is an example email I roughed out to send to your current list of 2k emails:

—-Start Email

Dear [Student Name],

I hope this email finds you well! As a past student of mine, I wanted to reach out and see if you might be interested in helping others achieve their ACT goals, while also earning a reward for yourself.

As you know, preparing for the ACT can be a challenging experience. Still, with personalized tutoring, students can significantly improve their scores and gain a competitive edge in the college admissions process. That’s why I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to refer your friends and peers to my ACT tutoring services.

For every person you refer to me who signs up for at least one of my programs, I will give you a $25 Starbucks gift card as a token of my appreciation. Not only will you be helping your friends reach their academic goals, but you’ll also be rewarded for your efforts.

To refer someone to my ACT tutoring services, simply have them contact me directly and mention your name as the referrer. It’s that easy!

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

—-End Email

Anyone who contacts you from that email will be offered the strategy blast boot camp (or “discounted” tutoring hours) and then upsold into additional online classes/tutoring and calculator programs upon (completion of the boot camp).

Fast Cash Infusion Details

New Students (based on the size of your current email list at a 10% conversion rate): 20 (+/- 5)

Upfront revenue estimate: $19k+

Upsell Revenue: $2-3k per student

Time needed: 2-3 weeks

Total Potential Revenue: $35k to $65k

Step 2: Membership Tutoring Group

Another fantastic way to add fast revenue to your business while providing HUGE value is to create a simple PAID membership group.

The crazy part is membership groups are almost pure profit with very little extra work.

You can create a paid membership using a free tool like Facebook Groups or a premium program like Skool.

The concept is simple.

Your premium paid membership gives students the chance to ask you simple questions directly and get feedback (and answers) quickly from you AS WELL AS other ACT students.

Over time the group becomes even more valuable because every answer you give is stored forever (becoming a searchable FAQ).

You can also shoot quick videos from your phone answering questions and post them to the group (people LOVE this and it’s usually faster than typing out a response WITH a higher perceived value.)

I suggest starting pricing at $97 or $197 a month per student.

Even with just 30 active students, that’s an extra $2,900 per month and only an hour or two extra per week.

This type of membership group is also a great way to pre-sell prospective students into your higher-end group tutoring classes and calculator programs.

I routinely advertise membership groups for my clients as the initial offer to cold traffic and get a great response.

Membership Tutoring Group Details

Upfront revenue estimate: $1k+ (based on current students)

Upsell Revenue: $1.5k to $5k per student

Time needed: 2 business days

Total Potential Revenue: $16k / month (conservatively based upon 50% of 334 students that sign up with you per year)

Step 3: In-Person Group Tutoring

The most successful businesses keep things simple.  They do the same thing every single day and they get insanely good at it.

After reviewing the notes from our phone call, I’ve identified that your group tutoring classes offer the most profit for the least amount of work.

The most POTENTIAL profit (for the least amount of work) is obviously your calculator programs BUT I want to start with something that has a track record of producing profit.

Once you have steadily increasing profit coming in every month, we can then expand to other products and services.

For now, I want to get insanely good at producing results for the best, proven option.

To do this, I am first going to create an advertising funnel.

The goal of this funnel is to “funnel” cold traffic (people who have never heard of you) through an automated step-by-step process to build trust and eventually pay you to join one of your group tutoring classes at your office.

Step 1 in the funnel will be ads.  Moms usually make the “buying” decisions in a household so I usually have the best luck speaking to them directly.  We will also have a separate ad group targeting students themselves.

These ads will lead to Step 2 which is a “freebie”.

This is valuable content (either in video, graph, or text format) that the person has to enter an email to unlock.

The goal of the freebie is to capture the email (and possibly phone number) of our target.

After we have their email and phone number, in Step 3 I will write a set of valuable emails that hit their inbox every day for 7 days.

This is to build trust with them and sell them on signing up for your in-person tutoring program.

After they signup for your group tutoring program, in Step 4 we then upsell them into calculator programs, group membership, and possibly one on one tutoring.

The beautiful part about this is once this system has been created, it’s just a matter of rinse and repeat.

Here is a quick sketch I made for visual reference.

To demonstrate the potential of JUST a $10 a day Facebook ad, take a look at the following screenshot showing a campaign targeting people in the Southlake Area interested in information about the ACT test.

That’s over 9k people within 10 miles of Southlake that are interested in learning more about the ACT test JUST on Facebook.

There are many other audiences on other social media sites that we can access.

334 students or $500k per year is easier then you might think!

In Person Group Tutoring Details

Upfront revenue estimate: $15k+ (based on 15 students per group)

Upsell Revenue: $5k+ per student

Time needed: 2 weeks

Total Potential Revenue: $90k / month (conservatively based upon 15 students per weekend at $1,500 per student)

Step 4: Move to Online Format

Once we dial in the in-person group classes, the next step will be to take the group classes online.

Education in general is moving online, so it is a natural next step to move your tutoring classes online into a webinar-type environment.

Once online, we can start pre-recording the automated portions of the training thereby allowing you to teach more classes at once.

I also want to create a full-blown membership site for you with pre-recorded courses.

We can use this site to manage your calculator programs, guides, etc.


To recap my 30-day plan….

Step 1) use your current email list to quickly bring in additional students to fund your growth (estimate initial revenue of $19k+)

Step 2) Create a simple membership site with a monthly fee (estimated initial revenue of $2,900)

Step 3) Create a funnel for in-person group tutoring classes (estimated initial revenue of $15k+)

Step 4) Once the in-person classes are bringing in revenue, start building out an online tutoring presence to sell training and calculator programs in a more automated fashion (estimated initial revenue of unlimited)

Total estimated revenue within 30 days: $36,900


Your Investment

My services come with a simple guarantee.

If I do not make you AT LEAST what you invest with me back within 90 days, I give you a 100% refund AND I keep working until you make back what I initially charged you.

I also don’t charge any recurring fees.

Everything I listed above can and will be completed and active within 90 days.

You will have a complete system setup and running that you can then continue to operate on your own OR we can discuss partnering so I can assist with monthly management and growth.

My normal investment for a 90-day project of this scope is $10k.

However since you were referred over by Brian, I will give you a friends and family discount of $1000.  This drops the initial investment to $9,000.

I normally do 60% upfront plus 40% in 30 days.

That means for me to get started tomorrow an upfront you only need an investment of $5,400 and then another $3,600 in 30 days.

If I do not make you AT LEAST $9,000 in the next 90 days, I will give you a 100% refund and continue working until you hit it.

You can invest with a debit / credit card, a mailed check or a ACH transfer.

I can get started this week and based off my results from similar email campaigns I’m expecting new students signing up within 7 days!

I look forward to partnering with you in growing your business,

– Gabe