Gabriel Bryan

"I Make Your Business More Money!"

A interview with Gabriel Bryan about his journey and story so far:

The son of an Electrical Engineer and an Alternative Health Medical Practice CEO, Gabriel Bryan was born on a 10 acre ranch outside of a little town called Lincoln CA in Northern California.   Because “Bryan Ranch” was 15+ minutes from the nearest town, “things to do” were far and few between.

“When you’re a kid growing up on a ranch 15 minutes from the nearest town, you can get bored easily.  TV signals were hard to catch, there was one phone line that went down multiple times a month and we got our first dial up internet about 3 years after the nearest town did.” says Gabe.  “I started my first business mainly because I was bored!”

Shortly after his 13th birthday, Gabriel started his first business.

“My first business was my mom’s suggestion.” says Gabe.  “Although my parents were successful, they were also frugal and made sure I was responsible for myself.  There was a fairly expensive model train set I wanted and my mom told me I had to pay for it out of my own pocket.  I told her I had no money and she said go start a business.  So I did.”

Bryan Pet Sitting, as it would later be officially known, was where Gabe got his first sales experience.

“Door to door sales is hard.  It’s even worse when the doors are a half mile apart” says Gabe. “Being a ‘cute kid’ obviously helped but country people are not the easiest individuals to sell to so that evens the playing field slightly.”

It was not all easy going though.

“I worked for that train man!” says Gabe as he laughs. “I went into it thinking I would get a yes from everyone and I’d have that train set in a week.  That first ‘no’ hit me pretty hard.”

It was at this point Gabe learned his first valuable lesson.

“I was ready to call it quits.” says Gabe. “Luckily at this point my Dad suggested I read some of his ‘sales’ books.  My Dad is an extremely smart guy but definitely not a natural salesman.  So he had a good collection of ‘self help’ and ‘sales training’ books.  Thanks to having really nothing else to do, I have always been an avid reader.  Also, reading books was a lot easier then being told no to my face!”.

After reading through his fathers’ collection of Sales books, Gabe was ready to “hit the streets” again.

“I found the concept selling extremely interesting.” says Gabe.  “Maybe it was because I grew up in the country around a small group of people but I found humans extremely interesting from an early age.  So for me, sales training was really just a guide on understanding and talking to people, making friends, that type of stuff.  So I ate it up.”

This love of all things “sales” lead to Gabe’s first business exploding.  Within a few months he was running out of time to service all of his pet sitting clients.

“I literally ran out of hours in the day” says Gabe. “I had more business then I could personally handle; mainly because I had no car.  So what I did was contact other pet sitters and ask if they wanted my new customers.  They said of course and how much did I want.  I told them I wanted $10 a customer and I wanted 10% of their revenue from each client I sent them for life.  They agreed.  So within a few months of starting my first business I basically became a pet sitting salesman.”

Gabe quickly realized he had the demand and marketing system for a greater area then he could cover on foot doing door to door sales.  

“The next step was obviously advertising for new customers beyond just my door to door work.” says Gabe. “I had no car and no one willing to drive me literally all over the country so I had to get creative.  We had finally gotten dial up internet so I spent hours poking around learning everything I could about search engines, advertising and physical mailers. I signed up for every mailing list I could and saved every advertisement from any business I could find. It was addicting.”

Word begin to spread among friends and family that Gabriel was getting good results with his marketing efforts.

“I was doing nothing special, just putting in the time to learn what was working for others and replicating it for as cheap as possible” says Gabe. “What was surprising to me was that people I knew that owned businesses were extremely interested in my results.  They couldn’t believe that this young kid was ranking #1 on all the search engines and running paid ads and physical mailers.  It was surprising because assumed all business owners were having this type of success.  I learned pretty fast that business owners did not have as much spare time as I did to learn all of this stuff.”

Using his knowledge learned from advertising his pet sitting business, Gabe begin to advise local business owners on how to implement sucessful marketing campaigns.

“I just applied the principles and systems I used in my pet sitting business to their businesses” says Gabe. “I kept it simple mainly because I didn’t know any better and because of that got great results.  I started getting tons of referrals and it grew from there.  Every successful business I’ve grown has been because I’ve used simple strategies”.

By the time he turned 16 and was eligible for a “real job”, Gabe was working with businesses from all over California and Nevada.  

“I had a ‘real job’ for about 6 months.” says Gabe.  “My friends were getting them so I thought hell why not should be fun! Boy was I wrong.  Everybody always has their ‘service’ job experience as they like to call it where they work for a few years ‘learning the ropes’.  I worked mine for about 6 weeks and quit, it was hell.”

After working for the local Jamba Juice for a few weeks, Gabe quit and went back to marketing consulting.

“My parents are awesome and have always supported me in everything I do.” says Gabe.  “However, they are open about the fact that they don’t think ‘this marketing stuff’ is sustainable. Even though I was doing extremely well for a 16 year old, they were both very concerned when I quit my very first job after a few weeks.  My dad immediately got me another job doing data entry for his company.  As someone who gets bored easily, this was my definition of hell.”

However, working for his fathers company turned out to a turning point in Gabe’s career.

“Working for an international corporation with offices all over the globe was actually a really great move for me because it opened my eyes to how things worked on a global scale.” says Gabe. “Marketing for a small or medium sized local business is one thing, advertising on an international scale is a whole different world!  I spent most of my time there learning how their marketing systems worked, as well as those of their competitors.”

Even more important than the marketing lessons, Gabe made one extremely crucial connection.

“While working at my Dad’s company, I learned for the first time about recruiters and recruiting agencies.” says Gabe. “This change my entire career and perspective.  These recruiting agencies not only connected me with companies in the US but also all over the world.  By the time I was 18, I had already consulted with a company in Europe as well as China.  It was crazy to think about at the time.”

Having already begun taking college classes at the local community college at the age of 16, Gabe transferred from community college to a 4 year University.

“Both of my parents are extremely serious when it comes to college.” says Gabe. “They both wanted me to get a minimum of a 4 year degree as soon as possible.  I was not excited about college or school at all as all the marketing classes I had taken so far were years behind what I was learning online and through my testing. It was frustrating because I felt like I was wasting my time to get a piece of paper I would never need because as a marketing consultant no one ever asked where I went to school.  All they cared about was what type of results I could get them.”

After transferring to University, Gabe discovered a new passion.

“At college I started taking pre-law classes and getting involved with the clubs.” says Gabe. “Law and Psychology are very similar in my mind to marketing as they are basically the study of how humans think and act.  I couldn’t find a single college class about advertising that taught me anything new BUT the pre-law and psych classes were extremely entertaining.”

This newfound love forced Gabe to make a decision, however.

“Although my parents are successful, they couldn’t afford the law schools I wanted to go to.” says Gabe. “I was investing my marketing income into other things and did not want to chip in.  So I found the next best option.”

The United States Marine Corps.

“I ended up accidentally talking to a marine recruiter at a party.  He told me if I signed up for the Marines the US Government would pay for not only my UNR classes but also all of my law school classes.  The only catch was I would need to commit 8 years to corps as a JAG officer.”

It was highly unlikely that Gabe would be able to continue his marketing consulting while in the Marines.

“I knew I would have to give up marketing consulting if I wanted to be a lawyer and join the Marines.” says Gabe. “I actually went through the entire process for OCS, MEPS, ASVAB, 6 minute miles, everything except the last signature. Almost all of my friends from high school served, along with my grandfather and most of my uncles.  I spent a lot of sleepless nights considering my options.”

Much to the dismay of his parents, family and friends, Gabe decided NOT to sign for a 8 year commitment to the Marine Corps.

“One of the hardest decisions of my entire life.” says Gabe.  “I still think about it sometimes but after everything I’ve been through I’m confident it was the right one.  Anyone who has served or is serving has my utmost respect, it just wasn’t for me.”

This decision however, meant no law school.

“NOT joining the Marines meant I would not be able to go to law school, which I was fine with.” says Gabe. “However this set off a chain reaction of events that unfolded fairly quickly.  The first was I decided that since I was not going to become a lawyer, I did not need to continue college.  This caused pretty much everyone in my life at the time to become, to put it lightly, EXTREMELY concerned for my well being.  My parents were in tears and my girlfriend broke up with me.  It was a great way to turn 21!” Gabe laughs. “However both of those things were in my opinion exactly what I needed at the time.”

With nothing tying him to a specific area, Gabe told his recruiting contacts he was ready to go full time as a traveling marketing consultant.

 “With nothing else taking up my time, I was ready to get back into advertising full time.” says Gabe. “I wanted to travel so my recruiters started to hook me up with various marketing related jobs around the world.  It was awesome.”

After quitting college, Gabe began working with companies around the globe on short term marketing projects.

“I like to describe it as being a “marketing hitman'” says Gabe while laughing. “I would be hired for one-on-one consulting, spend 30 to 90 days working with the client for some extremely long days, make a bunch of cash and then take a few weeks off.  After my break, it was back to the next project.  It was a HUGE amount of fun and learned a TON but I burned out pretty quickly.”

After “burning out” as Gabe describes it, he returned to Northern California.

“After I returned to California, I stopped working directly for businesses and instead worked for Advertising Agencies as a advertising consultant” says Gabe. “80 percent of what I did I could do from home.  I also occasionally got to travel to the clients of my agency partners for one-on-one work.  During this time, I got a chance to work on everything from international tourism campaigns to super bowl ads.  It was a terrific experience and I learned a TON!” 

However, Gabe quickly discovered the downside to working for an advertising agency instead of directly for the client.

“The issue I soon discovered with Advertising Agencies is that they all had their own account managers.” says Gabe.  “This meant I almost never got to talk to the client directly, all communication flowed through the account managers.  Initially I thought this was great because it meant less time on the phone and more time doing the work.  However I quickly discovered that results were suffering because my account managers were filtering my advice and changes.  I always want to over deliver for my clients so this was extremely frustrating for me.”

Even though most Advertising Agencies never let their clients know who does the actual “work”, Gabe’s inability to give each of his projects the ROI they deserved caused him to reach a boiling point that could not be fixed.

“After working ‘behind the curtain’ for various agencies for many years, I really am not a fan.” says Gabe. “Almost all advertising agencies are feel good ‘fluff’, fancy buildings, account managers, award cases, etc.  The ‘real work’ is done behind closed doors by people you never see or by offsite consultants.  The agencies simply take a companies money, and pay a small percentage to the people who do the real work.  Agencies take a high premium for simply being handling the communication between the client and the expert.  If companies work directly with the experts they will not only get better results but also save a TON of money.  You can double your ROI simply by working directly with the individual or individuals doing the work.”

After realizing that he could never truly be happy working for Advertising Agencies, Gabe decided that he needed to help business directly.

“My first life changing moment was when I decided to drop out of college and not join the Marines.” says Gabe. “My second life changing moment was when I decided I wanted to work directly with clients and truly HELP THEM, not simply ‘do marketing’.  “Most companies invest in marketing and advertising because its ‘the thing to do’.  They don’t truly expect a ROI from it.  Even worse,  because most marketing companies don’t understand how to setup proper tracking, they have no idea even if they are GETTING a ROI in the first place!”

Gabe decided he wanted to not only get clients real results they could track, he wanted to do it in a fashion most companies refused to consider.

“I can get my clients mind boggling results using my simple 5 step system” says Gabe.  “Its hilarious because if you show my system to most marketing companies and advertising agencies, they say that can’t possibly work because its too simple.  These agencies are so used to having a gazillion moving parts that a simple process like mine just doesn’t compute.  99% of marketers know how to do ‘a thing’.  Facebook ads, SEO, etc.  They cover up their inability to prove their results by doing everything they can think of at once.  My system is 100% trackable and works. My small team and simple system gets better results than the hundreds of employees at advertising agencies.”

Because his system is so simple, Gabe has time to do other things besides just marketing now.

“I’ve gotten into personal development as my new obsession.” says Gabe. “I get a huge kick out of helping people grow their companies.  I realized however that there is a huge percentage of the population that could use my advice and experience in growing as successful individuals, not just companies.  It’s a crazy world out there, we need as many people as possible operating at their maximum potential.”

Gabe understands his personal brand should be focused on Advertising.

“My 5 Steps to 10X your revenue in 90 days or less system is helping businesses around the globe and I don’t want anything to get in the way of that.  That’s why I created an entirely separate brand for my Personal Development Coaching at  That’s ‘human’ with a ‘i’ instead of a ‘a’.  It’s short for ‘super human minimalist’ and basically sums up the principle of my personal development philosophy.  Have a super human impact on the world with a minimal footprint.”

Today Gabe’s goals have changed from his teens.

“In my teenage years, everything was about the money.” says Gabe. “I wanted the flashy cars, huge houses, jets, all that jazz.  Today though my primary goal each day is to inspire the next generation to be better than me. Whether with their business or their personal development, I want people to try and beat my results so far. I know each business I help reach more of their community and each person I help better themselves is one more chance to have a life changing impact on the world.  Money is easy, inspiring people to be better is hard.  So if I do that, its a good day!”

You can apply to partner with Gabe for your business at  If you want to learn more about his advice on personal development, go to