First: Some Quick Notes

Note 1) Keep in mind this entire training is normally presented live

I usually present this information on stage in front of small groups.  This way everyone can ask questions and get coached on how to implement this 5 step funnel into their individual businesses.

Most walk away and (at a minimum) double their revenue within weeks. 

These live training sessions became extremely popular. I began to receive so many requests from people who either could not attend (or afford) the live trainings that I decided to create a written guide (which you are now reading). 

More importantly, I also present a modified version of this training via webinar.

So if any of the following is confusing, look for the webinar sign up link later in this training.

Note 2) Commit to yourself to learn the process!

These 5 steps will change your business, your life and the lives of those you care about…

…IF you actually implement what I teach you. 

So grab some paper and pens and actually LEARN the information I break down in this training.

Don’t just casually read through it.  You deserve to get amazing results and your life can change starting right now.

I believe so strongly in these 5 steps that if you read the entire training below, take detailed notes, implement everything I teach you and STILL DON’T MAKE MONEY, I will personally cut you a check for $1000.

That’s right, if you do everything in this FREE training and don’t make money, I WILL MAIL YOU A CHECK FOR…….thousand….dollars.

I’ve had this offer on the market for over 10+ years now and no one has ever taken me up on it. 

I challenge you to be the first!