Your New Automated Superpower

For those of you who have never been in “Sales” and experienced this fact first hand, the “lead” buys somewhere between the 3rd and 7th “touch”. 

A “touch” in this case being some form of interaction with a company (or their product). This usually happens in the form of a phone call, email, letter or in-person meeting.

The only person who buys on the 1st touch is the 1% we talked about earlier. These people will buy from the first company who looks like they can solve their problem.  A less polite term the sales community uses for this group is “laydowns”.  You are going to be poor for a very long time if you plan to survive only off of laydowns.

Now putting aside the psychology of each “touch” for now, the key to successfully closing a lead is almost entirely based on how dedicated you are to following up.

Companies all over the globe have brought me in to coach their sales teams which has given me the unique oppertunity to be able to gather a HUGE amount of data on what works and what doesn’t. 

The difference between the “closers” and the “average joes” is shockingly simply.

The closers stick with their leads while the average joes give up after one close attempt (and if the company is lucky move onto a new lead).  If the company is unlucky, the salesman stands by the coffee machine all day and gripes about how bad the leads are.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been involved in sales in one way or another my entire life.  I started doing door-to-door sales at 13 to promote my first business (pet sitting) and learned followup the hard way.

As in, manual followup when done right is a brutally hard way to close leads.

BUT fear not, for with the 5 Step Funnel properly implemented, YOU WILL NEVER have to MANUALLY followup with a lead EVER AGAIN!

You see, once you capture a leads contact info, all you have to do is plug that contact info into your 5 Step System and boom, the followup happens automatically.


Great question!  Remember earlier when I was covering a few of the various systems that make up your “engine”? 

One of the systems I mentioned was: your closing followup sequence (aka what type of message(s) your lead receives from the time they meet/interact with you until the time they buy).

Currently, the best way to deliver this closing followup sequence is via email (the second being phone). 

I am now going to GIVE you the specific 7 day email delivery pattern I use that (via testing) has shown the highest ROI across various industries.

That basic pattern is:

Day 0: Thank them…….for “opting in” for the freebie, reinforce the fact that they made a good choice and let them know if they have any questions about the freebie to respond to this email

Day 1: Provide additional value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email).

Day 2: Provide additional value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email).

Day 3: Provide additional value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email).

Day 4: Soft sell them… gently talking about how one of your products or services is a great compliment to what they learned in the freebie

Day 5: Provide MORE value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email)

Day 6: Soft sell them… gently talking about how one of your products or services is a great compliment to what they learned in the freebie

Day 7: Hard sell them….on one of your products and/or services by using scarcity (discount or limited availability)

Below I’ve drawn out my 7 Day “freebie” followup sequence so you get a visual of what I’m talking about (and yes, yes I know, I’m the next Piccaso, thank you, look for signed prints of my stick figures soon).

HOWEVER, the power of this funnel goes beyond just “closing” your lead.

This funnel also helps us start to AUTOMATICALLY segment your leads based up on the product or service they are interested in.

Because our “freebies” are designed to appeal to the greatest percentage of your target market as possible, we need to know more about each lead before we can truly start to sell them effectively.

To accomplish this, we will purposely include DIFFERENT helpful topics in each of our “Value” emails. Our leads will then “self identify” by clicking one of the links to learn more about a specific topic. Our system will automatically “tag” that lead in our system to show that they are interested in whatever topic they clicked on.

Our system will then automatically move this lead into a DIFFERENT email sequence that is more targeted to the topic the lead showed interest in.

This will not only help us move this person closer to becoming a buyer, it will also help us serve them with the most valuable content possible based on their interest(s).

NOTE: the lead will not see of any of this of course, all they will experience is that they clicked on a link in a email and got directed to a page with helpful content on it.

But what if none of the topics we send in our first “value” email interest this lead? 

What if they DON’T click on any of the links?

GREAT question!

We are prepared for this as our system is going to send them a 2nd email on Day 2 with MORE valuable content BUT on different topics from Day 1.

If the Lead takes action by clicking on one of the links in the Day 2 email, the same tagging process will happen as explained above BUT for a different topic of interest.

Over the course of 7 days we will have the opportunity to put MANY different topics in front of this lead.

They will continue to self identify by clicking on topics that interest them, all of which will get tagged in our system which will in turn allow us to begin to build a profile of what this particular lead is interested in.

Each time they click on something (or take other actions like viewing specific webpages on our site, etc), our system will automatically start to send them more specific information.

Usually this is setup is by making the first email sequence they “enter” very general. 

For example, the first email sequence (the one they start to receive immediately after opt-ing in for the “freebie”) will talk about the different product/service lines available.

When they click one of the topics, which in this example is about a specific product/service line, they will then start receiving emails about the products and/or services AVAILABLE in that line.

Let’s continue the example and say they show interest in a particular product/service by clicking on a link in one of the emails from the sequence they were just moved to.

This action will then trigger a tag for this specific product/service, which will automatically notify the sales team to contact this person WHILE ALSO putting them into a specific SALES sequence just for this product.

This will then presell them via email about the product/service, priming them so that when the Sales team finally gets ahold of them, they are already pre-sold.

Here is a visual example of that happening (see bottom right of image). 

This ENTIRE qualification/segmenting process happens automatically, without any work required on your part (or your sales team).

The only time effort is required is when the system notifies your team that this person has shown interest in a specific product/service.

The pre-selling happens automatically.

Even better, this “freebie funnel” requires only a one-time setup.  Yes, it is complicated to implement BUT you only have to do it once and you will be rewarded with automatically pre-sold leads for the lifetime of the funnel.

Now there is a secret way to super charge this automated email pre-sell method even further.

I’m sure you visited a website, looked at a product and then visited another website and seen a ad for the product you just looked?

Creepy right?

This method of showing you ads for a website you just visited on ANOTHER website is called “Remarketing” and its extremely effective.

This works by placing a string of code on our website, which then communicates with our advertising partners such as Google, Facebook etc.

It “pixels” each visitor (or lead in this case) and tells our system EXACTLY what pages they visited on our website and what actions they took (what they clicked on, etc).

This system then passes this information along to our advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, etc) which allows us create custom advertising campaigns for each specific action/click. 

EXAMPLE: if they clicked on Service 3 on our website, our system would log that and then automatically show this lead banner ads for Service 3 on websites across the internet.

This means our banner ads will be “following up” with our lead on almost all websites they visit.  Eventually the interested leads will click the link back to our website and complete the purchase, request for service, etc.

SO not only will this Lead be receiving a specific email sequence for Product X, they will also see banner ads on most of the websites they visit (thanks to the amazing reach of Google Ads and Facebook).

As explained above, once the Lead is on our email list we can send them as many emails as we want.  Once they have been “pixeled” on our website, we can show them any ad we want almost whenever we want.

Even better, we set this up ONCE and it happens automatically….forever!

Automated Remarketing campaigns and unique email sequences are one of the single most powerful things you can do to 10X your revenue.

In fact, I have implemented JUST remarketing campaigns for clients (without any other parts of the 5 Step System) and seen a 60%+ increase in new revenue.


Because (as you learned earlier) a lead usually buys on the 3rd to 7th touch.  Each time they see an ad for your business or product, that is considered a touch.  So the more times we can “get in front of them”, the more likely they are to buy.  Each time they see one of ads or emails, that is considered a touch.

This entire system I’ve covered so far has really been about automating the followup sequences so you can concentrate your efforts ONLY on leads who are ready to become buyers and NOT waste time doing busy work for leads. 

If you have reached this point that means you now have FINALLY learned how to automate your process to warm up your leads.

You are now ready for the best part of this entire system….turning leads into buyers!

But HOW do you turn them into buyers?

You give them no choice!

Its time to learn about….