Step 1 of 5: The Freebie

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: “if you are good at something, never do it for free”.

In my opinion ,the most iconic use of this line was in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight when The Joker made his “sales pitch” on killing Batman to the mob bosses…..

Now this going to sound extremely hypocritical (given the name of this section) but I 100% agree with that statement!

BUUUUUTTTT with a slight modification.

Gabe’s version: “If you are good at something, NEVER do it for free…MORE then once.”

So what does that mean?

It means if you do something for free, you need to record the “value” of your generous action.

You can “record” this value as a .pdf, video, audio, photo case study, etc.

You can then offer this free valuable information to as many people as you like WITHOUT actually costing you anymore time then it took to capture the free information (or “value”) in the first place.

The goal of this 5 Step Funnel is to not only automate your revenue BUT give you more freedom in your life and business.


As I’ll talk about in the Irresistible Offer portion of the training, money changing hands (even if it’s just a penny) changes the relationship forever. This is the magical moment where a “lead” becomes a “buyer”. 

You want to automate EVERYTHING that happens before money changes hands so you only deal with “buyers”, not “leads”.

So what exactly is a “freebie”?

Your freebie’s primary goal is to grab the attention of the 60% of your target market that still needs convincing, and solve ONE (and ONLY ONE) important problem they are all having quickly and for FREE.

Remember the breakdown of your target market we reviewed early?  Just in case, here it is again….

1) Ready to buy right now / urgent need = Less than 1%

2) Need your product/service BUT still researching = 30%

3) Possible future need BUT no urgency, NOT researching = 30%

4) NO interest, NO need = 40%

Now the 1st group will buy from the first company that they think fits their needs, they are easy to market to.

The 4th group will never, ever buy from you and are a FCC complaint waiting to happen.

But the 2nd and 3rd groups are ripe for the picking.  These groups respond EXTREMELY well to the 5 Step Funnel and good quality “freebies”.

So the first step to the PERFECT freebie is to identify the problem(s) this 2nd and 3rd group are facing.

EXERCISE: Write down a list of at LEAST 5 problems your target market is facing

Step 2: Once you have a list of problems, pick ONE problem to provide some quick extremely helpful advice on.

Step 3: Next either write out a 1-3 page report going over your solution OR a 60 second video. There are other formats of course but these two are the easiest.

Step 4: Next simply give away this valuable content for “free” in exchange for someones name and email (and/or phone number).  You will then be able to continue to market your product/service to them via automated followup sequences (usually via email, paid ads and phone) which I will explain shortly.

Here are some ideas for “freebies” (bottom right of image)….

WARNING: Do NOT provide more then one solution and do NOT sell yourself!

The single biggest mistake I see my clients make with their freebies is 1) go on for many pages providing multiple solutions to a problem (or even worse, problems). 

Just keep this simple: one problem, one fast, easy solution.

Second, do NOT sell yourself in these freebies.  Don’t even THINK about using something like “10 reasons why I am the Best Plumber”.

Actually HELP them and include a small paragraph at the end about how they can receive even more of a benefit by investing in you and your company.

Remember, the whole point of the freebie is to provide value and get that contact info so you can…..