5 Steps to 10X you Revenue in 90 Days or Less

Step-by-Step Training by Gabriel Bryan

From The Desk Of: Gabriel Bryan Los Angeles, CA August 3, 2021

Hello fellow humans!

WELCOME to the day you will remember FOREVER as one of the defining points of your ENTIRE entrepreneurial life!

Now after reading that line you are probably thinking….


…and thats ok!

In fact, I would be a little worried if you WEREN’T skeptical at this point.

There are a lot of “gurus” out there on the internet who make all sorts of crazy claims and almost none of them are true….which is why I’m NOT going to waste your time by going on and on about my half million dollar cars, bikini model girlfriends and butler who helps me organize my huge piles of cash……

Instead, I’m just going to leave it at this…..

What I’m about to teach you are the 5 founding principles that I use on every single multi-million and multi-billion dollar businesses that invests in me to increase their revenue.

These 5 steps work.


No need for fancy sales tricks or the “greatest product/service of the century”….

Just 5 simple steps to 10X your revenue in 90 days or less.

If you are part of the 1% that actually implements these steps in your business, your revenue will explode.

So without further ado…..


First: Some Quick Notes

Note 1) Keep in mind this entire training below is normally presented live

I usually present this information in front of a small group of entrepreneurs who pay big money to be there.  They invest because they can ask questions and I can coach them on how to implement this 5 step funnel into their individual businesses.

Most walk away and (at a minimum) double their revenue within weeks. 

These live training sessions became extremely popular. I began to receive so many requests from people who either could not attend (or afford) the live trainings that I decided to create a written guide (which you are now reading). 

More importantly, I also present a modified version of this training for free via webinar.

So if any of the following is confusing, look for the webinar sign up link on this page.

Note 2) Commit (to yourself) to Learn the Process!

These 5 steps will change your business, your life and the lives of those you care about….IF you actually implement what I teach you. 

So grab some paper and pens and actually LEARN the information I break down in this training.

Don’t just casually read through it.  You deserve to get amazing results and your life can change starting right now.

I believe so strongly in these 5 steps that if you read the entire training below, take detailed notes, implement everything I teach you and STILL DON’T MAKE MONEY, I will personally cut you a check for $1000.

So what are you going to learn today?

1) The Mistake 99% of businesses are making right now (and how you can avoid it) 

2) The 2 Stages of Lead Generation (or as I call it, “Gasoline vs The Engine”)

3) The Simple 5 Step Value Ladder that can DOUBLE your Revenue in the next 90 days

4) How to use this 5 Step Value Ladder to put your Competition out of business almost overnight (use this method responsibly)

5) How to create an “evergreen marketing machine” that generates new revenue while you sleep

6) How you can get your own custom marketing plan designed for you FOR FREE!

7) BONUS: Exactly how I generate targeted leads for my clients at less than $0.05 per lead

But first…an important pop quiz!

How Many Businesses Fail in the First 5 Years?

We all hear the depressing quotes about how 9 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 12 months, most business owners are barely scraping by, bla bla bla BUT what is the truth?

What is the TRUE failure rate of “small businesses” aka less then 100 employees? 

The fast answer for what percentage of small businesses fail, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is roughly 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and roughly 50% of small businesses fail by their fifth year.

So not QUITE as depressing as we are led to believe.

But it’s also helpful to see this statistic in terms of how many American small businesses SURVIVE!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics, here’s what the SUCCESS rate looks like:

About 80% of businesses with employees will survive their first year in business. The most recent data shows that, of the small businesses that opened in March 2016, 79.8% made it to March 2017.

About 70% of businesses with employees will survive their second year in business. The recent data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March of 2015, 69.2% made it to March of 2017.

About 50% of businesses with employees will survive their fifth year in business. Data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March of 2012, 50.2% made it to March of 2017.

About 30% of businesses will survive their 10th year in business. The most recent data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March of 2007, 33% made it to March of 2017.

So with that in mind, I’m going to make you 3 promises….

This Training Will Be Broken into 3 “Promises”

Why Businesses Fail Reason 1) They lack the correct mindset about marketing.

Promise #1: I am going to….

….show you EXACTLY how to correct your “marketing mindset” to immediately start generating a positive ROI from your marketing dollars.

Why Businesses Fail Reason 2) They are unable to convert a lead to a customer

Promise #2: I am going to….

….show you the step by step method to convert ANY type of lead into a paying client/patient/customer automatically

Why Businesses Fail Reason 3) They are unable to generate automatic recurring revenue.

Promise #3: I am going to….

….show you the step-by-step method to generate additional RECURRING revenue on demand OR automatically every month with almost no extra effort on your part NO MATTER YOUR NICHE.

Part 1) Why Businesses Fail:

They lack the correct mindset about marketing

Problem: 99% of Businesses are Targeting only 1% of the Market

The number one reason 50% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years is that almost all companies (regardless of niche) target 100% of their marketing effort on the “ready to buy” portion of the market.

These “ready to buy” people are individuals with a urgent need and money in hand, ready to buy right now.  Basically the first business that appears to meet this need will be the one these people throw money at.

Now as a business owner, I love these people.  All business owners do! So its completely understandable that this is where entrepreneurs think they should concentrate their efforts.

BUT the issue is the “ready to buy” individuals make up less then 1% of the your possible target market.

Which is a HUGE FREAKIN problem when 99% of businesses are targeting this 1%.

So the REAL question you should be asking at this point is….what about the rest of the market?  The other 99%?

Great question!

Lets quickly breakdown the rest of your average target demographic.

1) Ready to buy right now / urgent need = 1%

2) Need your product/service BUT still researching = 30%

3) Possible future need BUT no urgency, NOT researching = 30%

4) NO interest, NO need = 40%

NOTE: these percentages fluctuate slightly depending on your niche, location, etc but on average this is what I have seen across all markets after 10+ years of extensive testing.

So as we can see from this data, there is an additional 60% of your target market that most of your competitors are avoiding entirely!


Because this additional 60% requires MORE then simply being in the right place at the right time.

This group requires you to do that dreaded…..*grimace*….S word.

That dreaded S word being, of course, “sell”.

Now I’m just going to come out and say it.

Most entrepreneurs can’t sell worth ****.

Most entrepreneurs are “idea people” aka they come up with an idea, put in hours of work fine tuning it but when it comes to actually selling it they fall flat on their faces.

I’m not complaining of course. If all entrepreneurs could sell right out of the gate I’d be out of a job!

The truth is, the difference between success and failure lies in convincing that 60% of your target market that you are the best choice to invest in.

Even better, if you implement what I’m about to teach you, you will never have to personally sell anyone!

The 5 step funnel I’m about to lay out for you will automate almost the entire process of convincing this 60% to buy from you with minimal effort on the part of your company.

Part 2a) Why Business Fail:

They don’t understand the difference between “Gasoline” and “The Engine”

I want to get one thing clear right off the bat….


To give you an example, my grandma learned in 10 minutes how to buy a Facebook Ad to promote her local bunko group.  She’s 88 flippin years old!

NOTE: I want to be transparent here before I dive into this, I get heated when talking about buying advertising.  I have so many business owners tell me that Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TV Ads, etc don’t work and it infuriates me (because they work just fine as I will explain shortly).  I get infuriated because this type of thinking stops so many great businesses from getting the exposure they deserve. If you only take one thing away from this training, please let it be this section.  During my live presentations, this is normally where I get animated and start swearing.  Hopefully in this written format my awesome editing team will be able to keep it on point.

(NOTE from Editors): The things we have had to delete…..actually just kidding, it was more like a lot of bad spelling and angry whining.

So please stop giving people like “Facebook Ad Experts” and “Google Ad Experts” the time of day.  These people are ruining businesses and cannot solve your problems.


Simple.  Paid advertising is like gasoline.  Extremely powerful, easy to get in bulk and available everywhere.  It’s also relatively cheap (unless you live in California, where gas stations require a kidney every time you fill up).

Paid advertising and gasoline are also similar in that when you buy a bunch of it and then ignite it/turn it on, things can get exciting and out of control fast.

Now what happens if you buy 15 gallons of gasoline and light it?  Will you be able to travel at a steady 65mph for 400+ miles?

No, you’ll burn your eyebrows off and scare the **** out of your neighbors.


But what happens if you put these 15 gallons into a 2.0 liter metal cylinder and THEN “turn it on”?

You are able to travel at 65mph for 400+ miles.

Did the gasoline change?  No, its the same stuff, the only difference is you added in a environment YOU control aka…..your ENGINE!

Your gasoline can burn your entire business to the ground if your engine isn’t perfect. If you want to drive as fast as possible to $10 million a year, you need to put all that gasoline in good engine.

As I said, any idiot can buy advertising.  It takes a expert to put together a good “engine” and actually profit from that advertising.

To recap, “gasoline” is anything that draws attention to your business (paid AND free).  Just buying gasoline aka advertising without a healthy engine will NEVER make you money.  In fact, as many of you reading this have probably experienced first hand, it will burn your bank account dry faster then you can blink.

Your “engine” is anything that interacts with people ATTRACTED by your “gasoline” aka advertising. 

The obvious one here is your website but there is much more to it then just your digital properties. 

Your “engine” includes:

1) your landing pages (aka the specific page/message they see on your website OR physical flyers and pamphlets you hand them in person)

2) your phone system (and recorded messages)

3) your front desk (and what he/she says when they first answer the phone)

4) your indoctrination sequence (aka what message(s) are sent between the time they schedule with you and when they actually meet you in person).

5) your office environment (aka the first impression they get when they meet you and/or your staff)

6) Your closing followup sequence (aka what type of message(s) they receive from the time they meet you until the time they buy)

7) Your buyer followup sequence (aka what type of message(s) they receive AFTER they buy from you so you can continue to profit for years to come.)

Here is the “Gasoline vs Engine” graphic once more now that we have gone over the details. 

Gasoline “attracts”, the Engine “converts”. One does not work without the other BUT the engine is far more important then the gasoline and therefor should be treated with much greater attention to detail.

To give you an example, one company I worked with bought over $100k worth of paid ads on Google and Facebook (before they met me).

A few months before this campaign launched, they had hired a website development company to build them a brand new “pretty” website.

This company spent over $220k on this first campaign. When all was said and done, this company did not even break even on their initial $100k ad spend, much less the additional cost of the website, etc.

Shortly after, this same company invested in my services. I made a bunch of “small” changes including messaging on their site, adding some followup campaigns and giving their phone staff specific scripts.

We then ran the campaign again with only $20k in ad spend and this same company made over $500k profit in 3 months.

$80k LESS gas, simple modifications to the engine, $400k MORE profit.

Everything I did for this company was based on the 5 Step Funnel (aka “The Engine”) I’m about to teach you.

I don’t say this to brag, I say this because I want you to pay attention to something that I know will change your life.

NOTE: You also do NOT need $100k or even $20k in advertising dollars to take advantage of this 5 Step Funnel.  I have lots of case studies of students who started out with just $250 in ad spend.  I say “started out” because the goal of this 5 Step Process is to put $1 in and get at least $2 back out.  This means you’ll quickly have much more advertising budget to play with with.

Timeout: do you feel like this?

That’s ok!

Just sign up for the free webinar using the button below and I’ll be able to explain in more detail AND answer your questions live!

When you sign up for the webinar, I will also send you via email additional training guides and exercises that break down this training in more detail to help increase your revenue!

If you feel like everything is making sense so far then keep reading as we are about to get the really good stuff!

Part 2b) Why Business Fail:

They are unable to convert a lead to a customer/client/patient

Now if you remember WAAAYYY back in the beginning of this training, I promised you a 5 Step Process to 10x your revenue in 90 days or less.

Up until now, I’ve been covering the framework you need to know to understand the 5 Step Process.

I know, it can get tedious and I want to applaud you for making it this far.

“Mindsets? Promises? Gasoline!?  Common Gabe, where is the good stuff?!”

Yes.  Yes we shall.

It’s time to finally unveil….Gabriel Bryan’s famous…awesome….5 Step Funnel! 

So exciting and informative right?

Don’t worry, this is just the outline of the 5 Step Process.

I am going to fill in the details as we continue the training.  

Step 1 of 5: The Freebie

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: “if you are good at something, never do it for free”.

In my opinion ,the most iconic use of this line was in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight when The Joker made his “sales pitch” on killing Batman to the mob bosses…..

Now this going to sound extremely hypocritical (given the name of this section) but I 100% agree with that statement!

BUUUUUTTTT with a slight modification.

Gabe’s version: “If you are good at something, NEVER do it for free…MORE then once.”

So what does that mean?

It means if you do something for free, you need to record the “value” of your generous action.

You can “record” this value as a .pdf, video, audio, photo case study, etc.

You can then offer this free valuable information to as many people as you like WITHOUT actually costing you anymore time then it took to capture the free information (or “value”) in the first place.

The goal of this 5 Step Funnel is to not only automate your revenue BUT give you more freedom in your life and business.


As I’ll talk about in the Irresistible Offer portion of the training, money changing hands (even if it’s just a penny) changes the relationship forever. This is the magical moment where a “lead” becomes a “buyer”. 

You want to automate EVERYTHING that happens before money changes hands so you only deal with “buyers”, not “leads”.

So what exactly is a “freebie”?

Your freebie’s primary goal is to grab the attention of the 60% of your target market that still needs convincing, and solve ONE (and ONLY ONE) important problem they are all having quickly and for FREE.

Remember the breakdown of your target market we reviewed early?  Just in case, here it is again….

1) Ready to buy right now / urgent need = 1%

2) Need your product/service BUT still researching = 30%

3) Possible future need BUT no urgency, NOT researching = 30%

4) NO interest, NO need = 39%

Now the 1st group will buy from the first company that they think fits their needs, they are easy to market to.

The 4th group will never, ever buy from you and are a FCC complaint waiting to happen.

But the 2nd and 3rd groups are ripe for the picking.  These groups respond EXTREMELY well to the 5 Step Funnel and good quality “freebies”.

So the first step to the PERFECT freebie is to identify the problem(s) this 2nd and 3rd group are facing.

EXERCISE: Write down a list of at LEAST 5 problems your target market is facing

Step 2: Once you have a list of problems, pick ONE problem to provide some quick extremely helpful advice on.

Step 3: Next either write out a 1-3 page report going over your solution OR a 60 second video. There are other formats of course but these two are the easiest.

Step 4: Next simply give away this valuable content for “free” in exchange for someones name and email (and/or phone number).  You will then be able to continue to market your product/service to them via automated followup sequences (usually via email, paid ads and phone) which I will explain shortly.

Here are some ideas for “freebies” (bottom right of image)….

WARNING: Do NOT provide more then one solution and do NOT sell yourself!

The single biggest mistake I see my clients make with their freebies is 1) go on for many pages providing multiple solutions to a problem (or even worse, problems). 

Just keep this simple: one problem, one fast, easy solution.

Second, do NOT sell yourself in these freebies.  Don’t even THINK about using something like “10 reasons why I am the Best Plumber”.

Actually HELP them and include a small paragraph at the end about how they can receive even more of a benefit by investing in you and your company.

Remember, the whole point of the freebie is to provide value and get that contact info so you can….. 


Your New Automated Superpower

For those of you who have never been in “Sales” and experienced this fact first hand, the “lead” buys somewhere between the 3rd and 7th “touch”. 

A “touch” in this case being some form of interaction with a company (or their product). This usually happens in the form of a phone call, email, letter or in-person meeting.

The only person who buys on the 1st touch is the 1% we talked about earlier. These people will buy from the first company who looks like they can solve their problem.  A less polite term the sales community uses for this group is “laydowns”.  You are going to be poor for a very long time if you plan to survive only off of laydowns.

Now putting aside the psychology of each “touch” for now, the key to successfully closing a lead is almost entirely based on how dedicated you are to following up.

Companies all over the globe have brought me in to coach their sales teams which has given me the unique oppertunity to be able to gather a HUGE amount of data on what works and what doesn’t. 

The difference between the “closers” and the “average joes” is shockingly simply.

The closers stick with their leads while the average joes give up after one close attempt (and if the company is lucky move onto a new lead).  If the company is unlucky, the salesman stands by the coffee machine all day and gripes about how bad the leads are.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been involved in sales in one way or another my entire life.  I started doing door-to-door sales at 13 to promote my first business (pet sitting) and learned followup the hard way.

As in, manual followup when done right is a brutally hard way to close leads.

BUT fear not, for with the 5 Step Funnel properly implemented, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO MANUALLY FOLLOWUP WITH A LEAD EVER AGAIN!

You see, once you capture a leads contact info, all you have to do is plug that contact info into your 5 Step System and boom, the followup happens automatically.


Great question!  Remember earlier when I was covering a few of the various systems that make up your “engine”? 

One of the systems I mentioned was: your closing followup sequence (aka what type of message(s) your lead receives from the time they meet/interact with you until the time they buy).

Currently, the best way to deliver this closing followup sequence is via email (the second being phone). 

I am now going to GIVE you the specific 7 day email delivery pattern I use that (via testing) has shown the highest ROI across various industries.

That basic pattern is:

Day 0: Thank them…….for “opting in” for the freebie, reinforce the fact that they made a good choice and let them know if they have any questions about the freebie to respond to this email

Day 1: Provide additional value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email).

Day 2: Provide additional value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email).

Day 3: Provide additional value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email).

Day 4: Soft sell them…..by gently talking about how one of your products or services is a great compliment to what they learned in the freebie

Day 5: Provide MORE value….by giving them another valuable bit of advice (no selling in this email)

Day 6: Soft sell them…..by gently talking about how one of your products or services is a great compliment to what they learned in the freebie

Day 7: Hard sell them….on one of your products and/or services by using scarcity (discount or limited availability)

Below I’ve drawn out my 7 Day “freebie” followup sequence so you get a visual of what I’m talking about (and yes, yes I know, I’m the next Piccaso, thank you, look for signed prints of my stick figures soon).

HOWEVER, the power of this funnel goes beyond just “closing” your lead.

This funnel also helps us start to AUTOMATICALLY segment your leads based up on the product or service they are interested in.

Because our “freebies” are designed to appeal to the greatest percentage of your target market as possible, we need to know more about each lead before we can truly start to sell them effectively.

To accomplish this, we will purposely include DIFFERENT helpful topics in each of our “Value” emails. Our leads will then “self identify” by clicking one of the links to learn more about a specific topic. Our system will automatically “tag” that lead in our system to show that they are interested in whatever topic they clicked on.

Our system will then automatically move this lead into a DIFFERENT email sequence that is more targeted to the topic the lead showed interest in.

This will not only help us move this person closer to becoming a buyer, it will also help us serve them with the most valuable content possible based on their interest(s).

NOTE: the lead will not see of any of this of course, all they will experience is that they clicked on a link in a email and got directed to a page with helpful content on it.

But what if none of the topics we send in our first “value” email interest this lead? 

What if they DON’T click on any of the links?

GREAT question!

We are prepared for this as our system is going to send them a 2nd email on Day 2 with MORE valuable content BUT on different topics from Day 1.

If the Lead takes action by clicking on one of the links in the Day 2 email, the same tagging process will happen as explained above BUT for a different topic of interest.

Over the course of 7 days we will have the opportunity to put MANY different topics in front of this lead.

They will continue to self identify by clicking on topics that interest them, all of which will get tagged in our system which will in turn allow us to begin to build a profile of what this particular lead is interested in.

Each time they click on something (or take other actions like viewing specific webpages on our site, etc), our system will automatically start to send them more specific information.

Usually this is setup is by making the first email sequence they “enter” very general. 

For example, the first email sequence (the one they start to receive immediately after opt-ing in for the “freebie”) will talk about the different product/service lines available.

When they click one of the topics, which in this example is about a specific product/service line, they will then start receiving emails about the products and/or services AVAILABLE in that line.

Let’s continue the example and say they show interest in a particular product/service by clicking on a link in one of the emails from the sequence they were just moved to.

This action will then trigger a tag for this specific product/service, which will automatically notify the sales team to contact this person WHILE ALSO putting them into a specific SALES sequence just for this product.

This will then presell them via email about the product/service, priming them so that when the Sales team finally gets ahold of them, they are already pre-sold.

Here is a visual example of that happening (see bottom right of image). 

This ENTIRE qualification/segmenting process happens automatically, without any work required on your part (or your sales team).

The only time effort is required is when the system notifies your team that this person has shown interest in a specific product/service.

The pre-selling happens automatically.

Even better, this “freebie funnel” requires only a one-time setup.  Yes, it is complicated to implement BUT you only have to do it once and you will be rewarded with automatically pre-sold leads for the lifetime of the funnel.

Now there is a secret way to super charge this automated email pre-sell method even further.

I’m sure you visited a website, looked at a product and then visited another website and seen a ad for the product you just looked?

Creepy right?

This method of showing you ads for a website you just visited on ANOTHER website is called “Remarketing” and its extremely effective.

This works by placing a string of code on our website, which then communicates with our advertising partners such as Google, Facebook etc.

It “pixels” each visitor (or lead in this case) and tells our system EXACTLY what pages they visited on our website and what actions they took (what they clicked on, etc).

This system then passes this information along to our advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, etc) which allows us create custom advertising campaigns for each specific action/click. 

So for example if they clicked on Service 3 on our website, our system would log that and then automatically show this lead banner ads for Service 3 on websites across the internet.

This means our banner ads will be “following up” with our lead on almost all websites they visit.  Eventually the interested leads will click the link back to our website and complete the purchase, request for service, etc.

SO not only will this Lead be receiving a specific email sequence for Product X, they will also see banner ads on most of the websites they visit (thanks to the amazing reach of Google Ads and Facebook).

As explained above, once the Lead is on our email list we can send them as many emails as we want.  Once they have been “pixeled” on our website, we can show them any ad we want almost whenever we want.

Even better, we set this up ONCE and it happens automatically….forever!

Automated Remarketing campaigns and unique email sequences are one of the single most powerful things you can do to 10X your revenue.

In fact, I have implemented JUST remarketing campaigns for clients (without any other parts of the 5 Step System) and seen a 60%+ increase in new revenue.


Because (as you learned earlier) a lead usually buys on the 3rd to 7th touch.  Each time they see an ad for your business or product, that is considered a touch.  So the more times we can “get in front of them”, the more likely they are to buy.  Each time they see one of ads or emails, that is considered a touch.

This entire system I’ve covered so far has really been about automating the followup sequences so you can concentrate your efforts ONLY on leads who are ready to become buyers. 

If you have reached this point that means you now have FINALLY learned how to automate your process to warm up your leads.

You are now ready for the best part of this entire system….turning leads into buyers!

But HOW do you turn them into buyers?

You give them no choice!

Its time to learn about….

Step 2 of 5: The Irresistible Offer

Remember earlier when I talked about how the entire relationship changes once a lead gives you money?

Studies have shown that there is a subconscious change in a person’s mind once they hand over that initial investment.  It doesn’t matter how much either, it can even be just a penny but EVERY sale after that initial penny will be easier and easier.

However, GETTING that lead to invest that penny in you will be the toughest battle of your hopefully lifelong partnership.

That is what the Irresistible Offer is all about, getting that initial investment from our lead and changing the relationship forever.

An Irresistible Offer in principle is fairly straightforward.

It should be something that you can deliver/perform quickly, easily and preferably 100% automated.

If possible, you should try to make your Irresistible Offer “piggyback” on the value of your freebie(s) so there is a natural progression through your funnel.

Your Irresistible Offer should be priced between $3 and $27 BUT have a perceived value of at least 3X you asking price.

If you are not UNCOMFORTABLE offering your Irresistible Offer for the price its listed at (aka you know its worth at least 3X what you are asking) then its too expensive (or not valuable enough!).

What’s the easiest way to create a Irresistible Offer?

The easiest way is simply to charge for something you are already doing for free.

Are you currently offering a free consultation?  Free estimate?

Perfect! Simply charge $3, $5 or $7 for it.

Your gut reaction is to immediately say that it won’t work. Yes, you will loose a few people but that’s a good thing!  Through testing, we’ve discovered that 9 times out of 10 anyone who would throw a fuss over that small of an amount would end up being  bad clients/patients/customers anyway.  If someone is really serious, they will be willing to invest $3 to $7.  If they aren’t, they will just waste your time.

It also gives you more authority.  Example: “My consultations and estimates are so valuable BY THEMSELVES that I have to charge for them.  If you end up proceeding with my services/product, I’ll discount whatever you invest in my consult/estimate….”

If you don’t believe me, just test charging for your free consult/estimate for 30 days.  Trust me, the only regret you will have is you didn’t try this 6 months ago.

What are some other examples of Irresistble offers?  See the bottom right of the below image….

Now you can go more “extreme” here for a bigger impact.  The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Remember, the goal is NOT to make revenue at this stage of the funnel, our ONLY goal is to get at LEAST one penny to change hands.  We want to change the subconscious relationship in the mind of the lead and turn them into a trusting buyer.

Once the “penny” is handed over, the dam has broken so to speak and future sales should come fast (if you follow the rest of the 5 Steps of course).

With that in mind, some companies pull out all the stops for the Irresistible Offer.

One painting company I had the pleasure of working with took my advice to heart and made their Irresistible offer “One Room Painted floor to ceiling for $7”.

When a company invests in me, I always give my clients different concepts for Irresistible Offers, from big to small, and this was my most “extreme” concept I had for them at the time. 

Most companies I work with are too scared to jump that high initially (which is too bad as you are about to see) so I was pleasantly surprised when they said let’s do it.

The offer exploded in their local community, and they had more home owners taking them up on it in the first month then they made sales the entire previous year!

Obviously they were loosing money on this particular Irresistible Offer, so the huge question remained, would they get enough new FULL HOUSE jobs to make up for it?

Of the home owners who took them up on the $7 Irresistible Offer for one room, more then 60% went on to hire this company for a full house interior paint upgrade.  This company 4X’d their annual revenue from the previous year……in 30 days!

Now this is the point where my lawyers always yell at me demanding I say “results are not typical, etc” which is true BUT this is just one case study of the amazing results that can happen when you go “all in” on your Irresistible Offer.

You have done all of this work to get to this point, don’t cheat yourself by stopping short of a awesome Irresistible Offer.

But let’s go ahead and assume your lead has now become a buyer thanks to your incredibly Irresistible offer.

The next step in the 5 Step Process is….

Step 3 of 5: The Primary Offer

You can take a breath and get some water if you need to.  Take a good stretch.  We are finally back to normal and this is going to be a fast “step”.

The Primary Offer is very simple; its whatever your primary product or service is.

However, as I’m sure you can tell by the fact we still have two steps left in the funnel, this is NOT the end of your funnel.

If you are a chiropractor, this is a chiropractic appointment.  If you are a car dealing, this is a car.  If you are a lawyer, this is a case. Etc, etc.

HOPEFULLY if you reading this you have been in business long enough your Primary Offer is already locked in, so I’m not going to waste any more of our time.

Let’s move into Step 4 of the 5 Step to 10X Your Revenue in 90 Days or less.

This means we are finally ready for me to fullfill my 3rd and final promise of this training….

Part 3) Why Business Fail:

They are unable to generate automatic recurring revenue

I made a life changing decision a long time ago.  This was at a time when I was a young, unstoppable, fearless seller of “things” and thought I knew everything there was to know about anything.

At that time it seemed like a easy (and trivial) decision.

I had a choice.  A choice between two companies to invest my time and liquid capital with. 

One company sold a simple service for a small monthly investment.

The other company sold an expensive product with no built in recurring.

Both companies were in their infant stages and I did not have the time or resources to invest in both. 

I chose the company with the expensive product.

If I had to do it all over again, I would go back and choose the company with the simple service with the small monthly investment.


Because that “simple service” company is worth 4X (and still growing) what the “expensive product” company is worth.

Don’t get me wrong, I still did very well.  The money wasn’t the entire basis for my decision.

The primary reason for my new decision is that on TOP of being more profitable, the “simple service” company is easier to run and less time consuming then the “expensive product” company. 

While the founders of the “expensive product” company are hard at work, the “simple service” companies executives are on vacations….with recurring revenue coming in automatically!

Experiencing first hand the difference between these two companies was a life changing event for me.

I will now pick a $17 per month service over a $1997 one-off product without a seconds hesitation any day of the week.

In my youth I chased the almighty dollar first above all else.  With experience I now know better.

Recurring revenue is king.

Don’t make my mistake.

No matter your industry, no matter your niche, it is possible to add to $3k to $5k of automatic recurring revenue to your bottom line in months if not weeks.  You can then easily grow it every month with barely any effort.

In fact, recurring revenue is not only a fantastic source of revenue BUT its a great branding tool as well!

In the next section I’m going to show you how to make this happen for your business.

Let’s jump into….

Step 4 of 5: Recurring Revenue

As you may have picked up from the section intro, I am a huge fan of the “Recurring Revenue” step in this funnel.

After the “freebie”, I think it is the second most important step in the entire 5 Step Process.

The possibilities for recurring revenue in most businesses are almost endless, but for the sake of this training I will provide some specific rules and concepts.

As with the rest of the steps in our 5 Step Funnel, we want any recurring revenue option to build on the value of the previous steps.

More importantly, any recurring revenue method MUST be an excuse to continue to upsell the buyer on additional products and services.  Anything “recurring” means a “recurring” chance to get information in front of the buyer. 

DON’T stop yourself and your company short here when you are so close to your goal!

We purposely did NOT hard sell our products and services earlier in the funnel because we wanted to build up trust.  With each step along the funnel, we have more trust and should be increasing the intensity of our promotions accordingly.

Any lead who has made it this far trusts you and is benefiting from the relationship. 

Don’t let them down by NOT getting helpful products and services in front of them.

So what type of things can you get “recurring revenue” from?

As mentioned earlier, the options are almost endless if you have a open mind, but my two favorites are 1) Paid Newsletter and 2) Combining Services/Products.

Both of these are EXTREMELY easy to do.

I’ll address Paid Newsletters first.

First, remove any concept you may have of “newsletters” from your mind.

The old newsletter “style” does not work.  It’s far too much work and nobody wants to pay for that type of newsletter.

The type of newsletter I help my clients setup is much simpler.

Instead of writing the content yourself, you are going to “curate” it.  When you curate something, you are simply taking someone else’s content and providing some expert commentary/additional information to supercharge said information.

The basic system I use for Paid Newsletters:

1) research and curate 3 to 5 high quality content pieces that provide value to your buyers

2) Provide expert commentary and additional helpful advice about each piece of content.

3) Provide instructions/steps to implement this information in your buyers life

3) Package this content into a email (or if you are more ambitious a physical mailer) and send it to your subscribers.

Sit back and enjoy the insane value you are bringing your buyers!

Think of your “paid newsletter” as more of a “group coaching mailer”.

How much would you charge for one-on-one coaching?  At least $500 right?

Exactly!  So charging $4.97 per month for 1 to 2 emails full of personal advice and personally selected valuable content is cheap.

Now you are probably going “nobody is going to pay for a email from me.” My data says otherwise. Every time we implement a newsletter following this formula we get at least 3-5% of the current/past customer/client/patient base signing up immediately.  Over time, having 50-70% of your current/past buyer database subscribed is a very realistic expectation.

Even better, your newsletter will be chalk full of upsells, so you will get more sales from something people are PAYING you to send them.

These newsletters also position you as a expert in your field so they are great branding/sales tools.  They also work GREAT as a Irresistble Offer!

If newsletters aren’t your style, you go simpler by using my second favorite method; combining services and/or products.

This is extremely simple.  Combing services and/or products into a package and offer it for a recurring monthly rate.

Dollar Shave Club one of the best known but there are now TONS of companies that literally only offer a “box of stuff” delivered to your door once a month.  These companies are making a KILLING!

Because they buy everything in bulk, they can offer it at lower prices then you would get off the shelf WHILE charging a convenience fee for shipping.

Just Google “monthly subscription boxes” to get an idea of how large this industry is.

People hate making decisions.  Free them from this burden by packaging your services/products in ways that will help them and then charge them a flat monthly investment every month.

SECRET TRICK: I supercharge this method by including OTHER peoples products and services in these monthly packages.  Other businesses will fall over backwards aka cut their prices massively to get in front of new customers.  If you ask some of your fellow local businesses if they want to a combine services/products into a monthly package you will be shocked at how excited they are.  Everyone involved with make money and provide value to their customers WHILE getting new buyers through the door.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE a recurring product/service, then I suggest you start with either the Secret Trick above OR “insurance”.

Selling insurance is easy and can be done by any type of business.  “For $4.97 per month, you will get 10% off all future purchases and a guaranteed response time/appointment time, etc, etc)”.

One of my more popular case studies of selling “insurance” is a paving company that invested in me to grow their revenue.  They sell paving services followed by sealing services as needed.  They had no monthly product or service to offer. 

I setup a simple offer for this client:  for $19.97 per month, we guaranteed a 48 hour in-person response to any issue (damage, etc) AND 10% off any future work. 

This company had over 500 past buyers take him up on this offer within the first week.  That’s almost $10k per month in recurring revenue for NO ADDITIONAL WORK!!

So like I said, recurring revenue can be setup for almost any business anywhere with almost no work required.

Here is a quick recap (see bottom right)….

You have now received a “master course” in recurring revenue!

Don’t overthink it and just do it!

Time to move onto….

Welcome to the final step of the 5 Steps to 10X Your Revenue in 90 Days or less!

If you made it this far I am extremely happy for you.  You now know more then 90% of “marketing consultants”!

Now the V.I.P. Step is more about “prestige” then it is about pure value.

With the four previous steps, its been about automating the process and maximizing ROI for the greatest possible reach.

With the V.I.P. section, we are instead going to capitalize on the 1% to 3% of our target market that has large amounts of liquid cash and want to feel important.

I know that may sound rude, but the research back it up.

No matter what the niche is, I’ve always found that there is 1% to 3% (and even sometimes up to 5%) of your target market (which include your current and past buyers) who are willing to pay more. 

They want to pay more.  They have the income for it, and are just looking for somewhere to spend it.

So, lets give it to them!

What makes a good V.I.P. offer?

First, it needs to be “fluffy”.  The goal is to make the buyer feel special and important.

It should be EXTREMELY exclusive and expensive (and therefor only appear to a select few).

So what makes a good V.I.P. offer?

My favorite is simply adding an exclusive service/product offering for a ridiculous markup under the assumption that no one will buy it (the 3% to 5% always do).  You have zero risk adding this to your product/service line.  Worst case no one buys it.  Having a very high end product or service as part of your offering helps brand your business as well.

Next you could offer an exclusive “package deal” with other businesses in the area.  All businesses could offer one “high end” product or service as part of the package. This is a great way to bring in new buyers while also offering an extremely exclusive package.  

Exclusivity, limited time available and high initial investment are your friends here.

Another extremely simple option is offering access to people not normally available.  

I’ve implemented plans where the owner gives out his personal cell phone number for $500 a month so you can call/text with questions (within set hours).  This also works with high level managers, executive support, etc.  You are charging for access.

Another favorite of mine is creating a multi-day Retreat or Event (or Coaching).

An example of this is what I like to do with experts in the health industry.  For my chiropractor clients, I find a golf coach and combine for a day long event where the chiropractor teaches gold related health classes and the golf instructor teaches golf. 

We charge usually $997 to $1997 for tickets and only host a few people. 

The events are extremely exclusive and also very valuable for those able to attend. Both the chiropractor and the golf coach usually pocket $2k+ for just a few hours of their time.

The V.I.P. step should fun!  Create the most ridiculous, exclusive offer you can think of and put it out there.

I guarantee somebody (and usually lots of somebodies) will buy it.

Now I don’t want to alarm you but if you look carefully you will notice that….YOU MADE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE 5 STEP PROCESS!

I am so freaking proud of you right now!

You should also be extremely proud of yourself.

I know from the massive amounts of analytics and heatmaps I use to track interaction on my website that less then 10% of people who start this training make it all the way through.

So take a moment and bask in the glory that is your awesomeness….

Now at this point you have a choice.

You can do it yourself or you can….cheat!

By hiring me.

If you’ve made it this far I’m sure you can tell I know my ****.

I have over 15+ years of 10x’ing revenue for companies around the globe and I would love the opportunity to help you grow your business.

To see if you qualify to interview to invest in my services, click on the link below.

If you would rather strike out on your own using the knowledge you just learned, I can respect that and I wish you the best of luck!

Regardless, thank you so much for investing your time and energy in trusting me to teach you the 5 Steps to 10X your Revenue in 90 Days or Less process.

I can’t wait to see you suceed beyond your wildest dreams!

-Gabriel Bryan


From The Desk Of: Gabriel Bryan
Los Angeles, CA